Jeff Frankliln Bloomington


BUYING A HOME  The word HOME is one that evokes more emotions than almost any other.  Buying a home is and should be an emotional and exciting experience.  Jeff knows that there’s no place like home!  He understands the emotions and excitement involved; and his training, experience, market knowledge and professional care will help you realize your dreams.  Jeff is a trusted real estate professional equipped to provide expert counsel and guidance throughout the home-buying process, helping buyers achieve their goals while avoiding potentially disastrous pitfalls. What are the steps if you are considering a home purchase?  How do you get from here to there?

  First, consider your finances and get preapproved for your loan before beginning the home search process.  Jeff can assist you with this step by helping you find a lender best suited to your needs.  When consulting a lender in the preapproval process, your credit history and score will be reviewed. Your lender will look at all of your finances, including income, outstanding debts and financial obligations, and payment history to help determine the maximum home price, monthly payment and mortgage you can afford.  Loan preapproval will empower you to make the best possible and most informed decisions as a homebuyer.  Now you have a preapproval letter, what’s next?

THE SEARCH  Your search should begin by partnering with a qualified, experienced Realtor who will be asking you the right questions to help you find your new home.  Considerations you need to discuss with your Realtor include neighborhoods. Rob Zache quotes “When it comes to buying a home, my advice is to buy the neighborhood, not the house”.  This advice is thought-provoking and may even be startling to some buyers.  Finding the neighborhood you like best and then selecting the best home for you in that neighborhood is a great plan.  Consider choosing the best neighborhood you can afford and then select a house in the lower or middle of the price range there.  The strength of that neighborhood will raise the value of your home and will most certainly add to your quality of life as long as you remain in that home.  Of course, things like school zones and ease of commuting to work may be factors in deciding which neighborhoods make the top of your search list.

Some things like minimum number of bedrooms or bathrooms are must haves or needs.  In addition, things like square footage, playrooms, types and sizes of lots can be extremely important.  Consider your lifestyle, do you entertain?  Do you have children or want room to grow your family?  Do you have pets?  Try listing the three things you cannot live without (with agreement from those who will be living with you).  Buy what you need; if you’ve found a house you like in the school district of your choice, you can always upgrade the kitchen countertops or fence a yard.  Make sure you don’t stretch yourself too thin.  It may be tempting to fall in love with a home that’s at the maximum end of your budget but keep in mind that you will need cash in reserve for the upkeep and furnishing of your new home.  Here’s where your head may need to rule your heart for long-term happiness.  Finally, it’s smart to buy a home that has the potential to increase in value.  Tom Kunz quotes that “You make your money when you buy real estate, not when you sell it”.

MAKING AN OFFER  Next, Jeff will write up a contract with your offer accepting the seller’s asking price or making an offer of a different price.  Jeff is an expert in the legal components of the written sales agreement, including earnest money, proposed closing and move-in dates, contingencies, inspections and confirmations of financing.  The guidance of a professional who represents your interests will make all the necessary negotiations that much smoother.

CLOSING  Prior to the closing, you and Jeff will have a final walk-through of your new home to be sure that nothing has changed and that any corrections specified in your contract have been completed.  The closing is the final and formal step in the home purchase process.  He will assist you and the closing attorneys in ensuring that your financing is in order and that all necessary documents are signed.  You will now have the keys to your new home!



Jeff Franklin Bloomington