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Service Driven and Solution Oriented

My philosophy has been and remains that real estate is more about people than homes. I am a Bloomington native and an Indiana University graduate. I consider myself fortunate to sell real estate in a desirable and livable area. A genuine enthusiasm coupled with a third-generation real estate heritage made this career a natural choice for me in 1992. Communicating effectively and listening carefully are my goals. I was always instructed that you have two ears and one mouth in ratio for a reason. I have paid close attention to this advice and it hasn’t failed me yet.

Jeff downtown Bloomington

Biography in Brief

  • Third-generation real estate professional
  • Top producer in the marketplace
  • Indiana University alumnus
  • Actively serves on several steering committees for charitable causes
  • Native of Bloomington, IN and past resident of Miami and Washington, DC
  • Extensive experience in relocation, new construction and home marketing services
  • Enthusiastic and proactive
  • Selling two homes per week

Showcasing Bloomington’s Best Addresses